TOPTEAM DYNAMICS INC. caters to staff augmentation, project management, and outsourcing services.

  1. STAFF AUGMENTATION – We provide Temporary / Project Hiring, Promo and Merchandising, and hiring for short-term or on-call assignments.

    We cover the following:

    1. Recruitment

      • Discussion of job requirements and conditions of the position
      • Conduct of sourcing activities through various methods (e.g. advertisements, campus recruitment, job fairs, talent bank files, networking, site sourcing, special search, etc.)
      • Handling of Resume Evaluation based on the job description and specification
      • Conduct of in-depth interviews and elimination of non-qualified applicants
      • Administration of psychological testing to appropriate candidates
      • Evaluation of interviews and test results and the selection of top candidates
      • Shortlisting of candidates who are most qualified for the job opening within a mutually agreeable timetable of 2 weeks or less
      • Arrangement of interviews of the candidates with your company
      • Profile Brief and Psychological Test Reports will be submitted upon endorsement
      • Advice and guidance on final selection
      • Reference check on successful candidates
      • Full Account Management for your Satisfaction
    2. Contract and Benefits Administration

      • Orientation of selected candidates with regard to their contract status, duties and responsibilities, and company policies which are clearly defined and executed per client.
      • Payroll Administration – Remittances of payroll every 15th and end of the month. We shall issue our staff their Daily Time Records that will be the basis of our computation for their salaries. Salaries shall be remitted using Automated Teller Machines (ATM).
      • On-time remittances of all Government Mandated Benefits such as SSS / EC, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, and Withholding Taxes.
  2. OUTSOURCING – We are capable of providing an entire functional activities that ranges from manpower, skills training, and equipment (e.g. Telemarketing / Tele-sales, Administrative / Secretarial, Accounting, Customer Care / Helpdesk, Call Handling / Call Center, Documentation and Data Entry).

  3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We offer full cycle support services such as:

    1. Recruitment Services – Sourcing, Resume Evaluation, Testing, Interviewing, Profile Report Writing, and Placement
    2. Payroll and Benefits Administration Services – Man hours computation, salary administration, remittance of mandatory benefits to designated government agencies, payment of other fringe benefits
    3. Account Management / Employee Monitoring Services – Tenure monitoring, performance assessment schedule, contract extension, termination and employee resignation, replacement and additional manpower service requirements

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